Irina Almgren is the show host and the driving creative force behind Open Questions. She still works as a life coach and creativity coach but now channels her creative passions into taking her company Creative Response  into a new direction. She loves learning new languages (Arabic is her current passion), making art and working outdoors at the community food park. One thing is for sure – she’s always onto some new idea!

Theme song Spasiba (RU: thank you) is written and performed by Clifford Goilo, a talented musician and producer living and working in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Clifford and Irina met a few years ago when working at Fujitsu in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Clifford wrote the song to help Irina find inspiration for one of her paintings.  According to Irina, the painting is still in progress but the song supported her through some tough times and now accompanies her in each episode.

Clifford is now pursuing his dream to earn a living doing what he loves most – producing music.

Andy McLellan helps Irina with research and provides feedback, sprinkled with a touch of humor, optimism and charm. All we know about Andy is that he is a Buddhist dad living somewhere in rural England.  He divides his time between drinking tea, writing haiku and thinking deep thoughts although according to him the drinking tea mostly tends to win.

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