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OQ10: Sensing reality in the organization (EN)

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What is your organization’s unique role in bringing something creative into the world? What do you want its path to be? How can you get your own stuff out of the way? How can you achieve more voice and yet more speed and efficiency in the meetings? What happens when the structure of the organization ensures its differentiation from its owners?

This week Irina speaks with Brian Robertson, one of the developers of Holacracy – a fundamentally new organizational model that is based on the principles of dynamic steering. Brian has a background as software developer, entrepreneur and organizational expert. He is also the founder of Holacracy One. In this conversation Brian takes us through the principles and paradigm behind Holacracy.

Holacracy views organization as a liberated, differentiated entity with its own purpose in life, rather than as property or extension of the founders. One of the major paradigm shifts embedded in Holacracy is the shift from predict-and- control to sense-and-respond paradigm, that infuses every aspect of how we show up in organizations. Under the predict-and-control management, we try to keep our organizations in control with lots of upfront analyses, predicting where reality should be and then trying to control it in order to make it fit our predictions. This gives us an illusion of control. Sense-and-respond paradigm, on the other hand, requires that we respond to reality, rather than predict it.

Brian also talks about the way authority is distributed within the organization that runs with Holacracy and how the structure of the meetings prevents the founder of the organization from using their founder status to project and shut down the capacity of others to process their tensions. This also ensures that the founder is diffused from the organization. Finally, Brian shares some anecdotal evidence about the implementation of Holacracy in one of the organizations and explains how they at Holacracy One choose locations for their trainings and certification programs.

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We close the episode with Sofias escape – the song by one of Finland’s most popular accordeonists Maria Kalaniemi, here performed by the young Swedish band Morfis Bixur.

Episode Resources:

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